About Motorhead Racing Design Co.

Cars and Art:

I drew a race car pit scene for an art contest when I was still in elementary school, and I won tickets to my first race.

I did a little racing of my own during those years in the Soapbox Derby. I remember spending hours with my dad as we built those cars.

My dad would also take me to car shows and dealerships so we could take pictures of cars for me to draw.

I spent hours drawing cars and my dad would sell my drawings to his co-workers.

My dad always encouraged my art. I finished high school with honors in art and graduated from UNCC with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

My first job after college was designing NASCAR t-shirts in an "old school” design shop with films, a dark room, scissors, and tape.

I continued to develop my design style while learning to design with a computer. I also started to design headwear and other apparel.

During this time I was also painting and drawing drivers and their cars, and designing paint schemes for race teams, sponsors and marketing firms.

In 1999, I started my own business, Steve Breakfield Studios (SBStudios), for all types of graphic design work. A few years later I decided to rebrand my
motorsport design business as Motorhead Racing Design Company.

I am still enjoying the design process working with new and established clients. To mark 20 years of designing liveries and team collateral with the industry’s insiders,
I decided to post some of my designs on Instagram. It has been most rewarding to read the comments and stories of your memories around these designs.

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